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What our clients say about us

Nikkita Dutta

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Let me start off by saying there isn't enough words I can put here to really talk about all the things Adam is and stands for. From the first day of meeting Adam, I could tell this is someone I wanted to work with and have guide me through this crazy market. Adam is nothing short of amazing. Adam is engaging, charismatic and caring. Working with Adam to purchase my first house was the best experience. No matter what obstacle presented itself, Adam always assured me we'd be okay (something I really needed as a first time home buyer). Adam carefully curated a selection of listings that matched my needs and wants. I can promise that you won't find another realtor who has this much thought and focus on you as a client. For times I couldn't visit the house, Adam sent thorough videos of the walkthroughs. And let me tell you, these videos were thorough! He checked everything and his knowledge of homes and renovations is unparalleled. In times we saw a house which was questionable or not worth it, Adam was straight to the point and honest. I bought my first home with Adam, and I'm insanely grateful to have met him and have him help/guide me with the process. I've now been a home owner for a month and still ring up Adam for questions. Adam is always a ring away, and definitely someone I can depend on. For any of my friends who have real estate needs, I will always recommend Adam.

- Nikkita Dutta

Samantha D

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Don't settle on a realtor before you contact Adam! His expertise was invaluable during our search as first time home buyers in this competitive market, where time was of the essence. Adam was super responsive and made sure we didn't waste our time with houses that wouldn't meet our needs or had too many red flags. We were able to put our full trust in Adam, knowing that he has our best interests in mind. I can't understate how much weight he took off our shoulders during the process. We worked with another realtor prior to Adam and he worked harder for us in a day than they did in months. We have Adam to thank for now owning a home we love, and we will absolutely be going to him for all our future real estate needs!

Maya Kovacheff

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Adam is an absolutely incredible agent and a joy to work with. Not only is Adam a delight to be around, but his knowledge of the market, the condition of homes, and strategy is unmatched. I felt confident after each viewing that I knew the state of the home and if there were any concerns, as well as each home’s merit. He is extremely responsive, supportive, and available to his clients, which takes a lot of stress out of the home-buying process. It’s very important to work with an agent that is trustworthy and diligent, and Adam is both. He takes time with his clients to really understand what it is that they are looking for to make sure they find the right house for them. He is extremely hard working and it really shows. I have also never had so much fun and learned so much while looking for a home. Because of all of Adam’s excellent qualities as an agent and person, my family and I found the right home for us and we couldn’t be more thrilled. I couldn’t recommend Adam highly enough.

Linda Dao

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We went into the home-buying journey with a limited idea of what real estate agents can do-Adam really highlights what his profession can offer in terms of services and knowledge! He took the time to figure out our wants/needs in a home. As we were both working full-time and all odd hours, Adam sent us detailed videos of home walk throughs. They weren’t just videos that showed how pretty a house was- he assessed the important features of a home, its suitability for us and was honest about anything he thought was a safety or structure issue (there were lots of foundation, furnace and water issues out there!).

Adam steered us away from making bids on homes he knew would end up selling beyond our budget. He does his research and made pretty accurate estimates on market values of a home. All of this meant we were able to spend less than two weeks house-hunting, made ONE very reasonable bid on a great house and got it! We did not have to go through a long , frustrating process of losing bid after bid that we kept hearing about. Our bid and appraisal value was about what Adam valued the home at!

Adam kept in touch with our mortgage brokerage through the whole process. We did have an issue with our mortgage agent and Adam actually stepped in to help us figure out what was going on-he really went beyond what was expected !

I was recommended to Adam by a coworker and will now recommend him to everyone else!

Alexey Filatov (chokak)

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We are absolutely thrilled to have spent all this time working with Adam on making our dream come true. Long story short: we have bough our dream house with Adam!
But let me add a bit more colours to this already exciting picture. Going through this journey with Adam, it’s like navigating a boat through the stormy ocean of recent real estate market. It varies from absolutely still weather, where no new houses pop up on the market, to a thunderstorm of new options where the agent has to be fast and responsive so the boat wouldn’t crash, and the client won’t end up buying something they will hate for the rest of their lives.
That was quite a journey, with the clients that are picky as we are, Adam was patient and paid attention to every little thing we said we were dreaming of in our perfect house. And, when it comes to real estate, every decision is a life changing decision. And every little detail matters. And, of course, Adam has looked at every little thing about houses we saw with a magnifying glass trying to spot any potential issues that could happen to a house. It’s easy to see the good, but it’s the bad that we needed to know, even if that means that we’ll need to forget about a house we're considering and go see more houses (and more work will come Adam’s way).
I cannot be more sure that our lives will change for the best when we move in to our dream house, and I am happy that it was Adam who helped us in making that possible. As I told him the other day, that he is a happy man, he gets to see people in their happiest moments of their lives. As Adam explains, his job is to make people happy through real estate. Cannot agree more.
Thank you Adam!

Ambitious Adulting

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Adam is extremely personable, open-minded and kind! Definitely great qualities to have in a real estate sales rep.

He will patiently guide you through the home buying/selling process!

James Bainbridge

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Adam and his team really excelled at selling our house. Everything came together like clockwork. His stager and photographer arrived on time and did a really great job making our house show the best it could be. Adam's listing was tailored to us, and I love how he brought his own flair to the description to make it unique and special.
I would highly recommend Adam to friends who are considering buying or selling a home in Hamilton.

Gregg Hamm

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Adam is very customer focused and passionate about finding the right house for you. When working with him you truly feel like your needs are being put first. His knowledge about houses is also very handy for viewings. Often times he can spot potential structural issues or defects that I would have otherwise not noticed. In a such a competitive market I found this especially helpful when making fast and aggressive decisions. We never at any point felt rushed or pressured, which was also a relief. In the end, we ended up purchasing a house under asking that Adam originally viewed by himself taking detailed video recordings the whole time. It if wasn’t for his flexibility and willingness to work we never would have gotten such a great deal.

Kelly Lightbody

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Walt Whitman once wrote: “And there is no trade or employment but the young man following it may become a hero.” In other words, in whatever job you do, do it competently and passionately, with care, imagination, diligence and patience. My wife and I are happy to say that Adam manifests all these qualities. His dedication to clients is superlative. He was with us every step of the way attentively listening to our housing criteria and then matching those needs with the perfect house. He acted like a good friend in that he listened closely to what we wanted and then held us fast to this course of action, even when we began to waver. His deep knowledge of real estate and his steadfast reassurances helped us to make the right decision in these difficult, uncertain times. We highly recommend Adam to you. He is our real estate hero.

Madelyne Maingot

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Everyone knows someone in real estate; My advice is don't use that friend, that relative, that friend of the family, as much as it might be awkward to let them down - definitely use Adam if you have your own best interest(s) in mind. My fiance and I had the absolute pleasure of working with Adam while looking for and purchasing our first home in Hamilton, in one of the most competitive moments in history. As first time homebuyers, it was important to us to have someone who took the time to educate us about homeownership, how the process worked, provide contextual information about the market, and also be SUPER flexible (our work schedules are unorthodox and opposite one another). Adam delivered all of the above in spades, plus a million more things I can't list because this is a review, not a dissertation. He is without a doubt, one of THE most knowledgeable people in the Hamilton and surrounding area real estate scene, and was insanely flexible for viewings and phone calls. He was extremely prompt to book us viewings every single week, week after week, and was always updating our portal with new listings. From day one of working with Adam, we didn't search up a single listings page - all the listings came to us, and had been filtered through our preferences/needs by him already. In addition, Adam can provide GREAT recommendations for every thing under the sun (lawyers, contractors, mortgage brokers, etc.) along the road. His supportive and professional approach made the experience for us. At times it was difficult and discouraging, but even on days when we were undeniably burnt out or stressed about finding a home, Adam brought the energy and stayed focused every second. I cannot praise this individual enough. The customer experience we had exceeded any of our expectations, and I can safely say our choice of realtor is the only reason we ultimately found the right home for our price range and timeline. He is a true professional. In a community with no shortage of real estate agents, Adam George Palios is sincerely a cut above the rest.

Ryan Clayton

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Future Home Buyers Unite (in Hamilton)
Adam was recommended to us by a couple of friends who purchased their home in the summer of 2020 in the Greater Hamilton Area.
Just like our pals, my wife and I had NO idea what we were doing or looking for when we first took the plunge into the home buyers market - not ideal.

We aren't handy or familiar with construction, foundation, flim flams, flip flaps we needed an actual super hero to represent our needs, and I kinda feel like that's what we got in Adam.

My wife and I reside in Toronto and in the middle of a pandemic with an old beater for transportation, we couldn't exactly sneak away to see every house that we liked in the listings. Adam did virtual walk throughs that were so in depth and honest, it kinda felt like we were there and it helped us narrow down our choices quite quickly.

In person he was even better, super smiley, positive and patient Adam walked us through each home with an astute eye for structure, renovation quality, potential hazards and made suggestions on what could or would be replaced. When you aren't comfortable with that kinda stuff and nervous about bidding on something that may end up being a money pit - this was invaluable!

We ended up getting the first home we bid on, our dream home that checked off most of the needs and wants we had and Adam was super helpful and honest during negotiations and continues to help us with next steps and check in to make sure our home buying process is going smooth.

D. Mark Griffin

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We were very impressed with the amount of legwork Adam did to show us exactly what we wanted, saving us valuable time in our search. His attention to detail, his familiarity with the region and the neighborhood, as well as juggling our numerous requests showed exceptional levels of professionalism, knowledge, and excellence. Overall, Adam pulled off the impossible, prioritizing our accelerated moving date and finding us a wonderful property. He negotiated well for us, diplomatically pulling off a better deal than we could have imagined. I HIGHLY recommend Adam for your property search or to sell your home.

Jessica Wojkowski [Staff]

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My husband and I contacted Adam to help us find our first home /forever home. From August - March, Adam was in contact almost daily, emailing us houses, giving us expert advice, taking us on tours and doing extra leg work behind the scenes.
After the purchase was made,(with every precaution taken during this time), Adam is still available for questions, calls and anything that pops into our heads on the regular!
He is one of the most friendly, hard working, and genuine people I have ever worked with and we are so grateful to him. Buying in today’s market is definitely not what you would call ‘peace of mind’ or brings a lot of security- especially when you have never been through the process before.
He also set us up with amazing professionals to help us continue to feel that sense of security and confidence in our choices, providing us peace of mind during a pandemic.
He took the time to educate us and steer us into the best direction for our family needs/wants.
If you are reading reviews, researching who to list or buy your home with, there’s no question. Your search is over, choose Adam.

Russell Anderson

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Adam was great. We were looking to buy our first house and had no idea what we wanted. Adam took the time to get to know us and our lifestyle, and asked us thoughtful questions about what we liked and didn't on each house.

After a few months (we were in no hurry!) we found a house we loved. Adam guided us through the purchase process and has been with us every step of the way.

Adam is also one of the nicest, friendliest people I've had the pleasure of working with.

I highly recommend Adam as a realtor. I will recommend him to my friends. We hope not to move again, but if we do we will be calling Adam.

Avrit Constam

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My husband and I just bought our first home and literally could not have done it without Adam. Adam brought much more than just the business and legalities of real estate into our experience. Adam's knowledge about not only the market, but the homes as well, was extensive and impressive. I learned so much during each viewing with him. Adam helped calm my nerves and my fears on a regular basis. He never once made me feel like the questions or concerns I had were trivial or silly. Adam was as gracious as one can be during the whole process and I cannot thank him enough. I would recommend Adam to anyone who is looking to buy or sell in the future!

Arden Bagni-Fast

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My partner and I recently bought our first house with Adam as our realtor. We couldn't have asked for a better experience! Short of rambling about all of Adam's amazing qualities as a realtor, here are our top three reasons other home buyers (first time or not) should hire Adam:

1) He is tactical and hustles for his clients. In less than two weeks we had found a house that we loved and put an offer in. Adam understands the Hamilton market inside and out, and knew what we needed to do to make the deal go through.

2) His understanding of house structure was immensely helpful. Having gone through numerous home renos himself, Adam can tell when renos are done well and what work might need to be done in the future. This was especially important for a couple like us who have never done handiwork.

3) He is personable and truly cares about his clients. This was important to us. Adam took the time upfront to listen to us and understand what we needed. He didn't push his ideals on us and could tell when we loved a house/neighbourhood or couldn't see ourselves living there.

Michael D.

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Adam on two listings, as a buyer and a seller. Both times the usually stressful and sometimes frustrating process of a real estate transaction was nothing but pleasant. Adam’s professionalism helped ground me and gave me a clear understanding of the process every step of the way. And he doesn’t stop when the sale is done. His assistance through his network of contractors, lawyers and local businesses helped make the transition easier for myself and my family. He’s fair but firm and an excellent negotiator. Thank you Adam. Highly recommended!

Wesley Gendron

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True professionals that tirelessly worked through all hours to ensure we got our home. Their detailed walkthroughs were concise, succinct and showcased their great knowledge of Hamilton. They fine combed each house to make certain we wouldn’t have surprises after closing. Their knowledge of structure, plumbing, electrical and city ordinances gave us great comfort that we were putting in firm offers true to value. Whenever a hiccup or hurdle occurred, their first instinct was to make certain they supported us and found solutions. Never did we feel pressured or that they didn’t have our best interest. I couldn’t picture recommending or using another team after our experience. Bonus points, they are very fashionable.

Adrienne Crossman

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I worked with Adam when buying my first home. He is extremely knowledgeable and helped me every step of the way. Not only did he provide great service as my real estate agent, but I also found him to be extremely personable and easy to communicate with. I look forward to working with him again!

Allison Davidson

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Alright future Hamiltonians,

I’m letting you in on Hamilton’s best kept secret: Adam George Palios. I have no doubt in my mind that if we hadn’t found this incredible realtor, I wouldn’t be writing this review as we sit in our dream home.

As some may know (and many will soon find out) house hunting is an emotionally draining process, therefore, having the right support system can completely transform the experience.

Our experience before Adam was filled with months of disappointment and wasted treks from Toronto to Hamilton. As cheesy as it sounds, Adam breathed life back into the process. From his first-hand experience with renovating older homes, Adam was able to steer us away from properties that would’ve been too big of a project to take on, point out poorly done flips, and pick us back up with much needed humour and positivity—it simply radiates from the man. An individual like this cares about what he does, so it should be no surprise that he goes above and beyond for his clients.

Adam saved us countless trips into Hamilton by providing thorough video walkthroughs—he could have a YouTube channel you’d get sucked into for hours. Once we found “the one” Adam transformed into the shark we needed him to be. He had our offer accepted in a few short hours with ideal conditions. After celebrating, he sensed our new panic of “wtf do we do next?” and hooked us up with an incredible home inspector and lawyer. Adam worked efficiently with our broker and managed to get us in the house in less than a month!

Now that the process has come to an end, all I can do is share the secret and congratulate his future clients on finding him before he blows up and becomes an HGTV star.

Endlessly thankful for you, Adam!

Leslie Henderson

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So the story goes a little like this....Tod and I went to an open house that Adam George was hosting and we briefly spoke. We weren't ready to buy yet, just doing some homework. As we left, I mentioned to Tod that Adam seemed very friendly and I had a good feeling about him. Adam contacted us sometime later to see if we were interested in looking at houses, to which I explained it wasn't quite time and would be about six months to a year and could he get back to us then. Adam agreed and kept to his word, which is a hugely important character trait. Once we were ready we started putting Adam to the test as we were first time home buyers and quite scattered. Adam has infinite patience and knowledge that was immensely helpful on our journey and ultimately led us to our dream home. My initial thoughts on Adam were spot on, I just knew he was going to be awesome! We are so fortunate to have met him and are also now incredibly fortunate to call him our friend. Adam will bend over backward to give his friends and/or clients whatever it is they need. Adam will always have a glowing recommendation from us 🙌.

L Tougher

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Adam is fantastic at what he does, it was a pleasure working with him. He was attentive, trust worthy and very hard working. I would, without a doubt, recommend Adam for your real estate needs!

Sarah Murphy

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Adam is so awesome! He helped me through buying my first house and made it easy and a lot less scary. He explains everything, recommended a great mortgage broker, home inspector and lawyer, and really got to understand what I wanted in a home.

Leanne Stephenson

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Adam was great to work with! I am a very detailed very needy client and he was there for me. I texted him ALL the time and he was quick to respond to me. He was very in tune with our individual needs and helped us find the perfect home that fit our budget and wants. He fought for us and secured a deal that we were very happy with.

Josie Cousins

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Adam is a confident, personable and trusting agent. He listens to what you have to say and what you want and his enthusiasm and confidence makes you feel that you do not need to worry and you goals will be met. Adam did all the work and was spot on with all our requests while including a wealth of knowledge.
Thank you so much for all your help.

Robin Schurman

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Adam you were a true GEM to work with! So professional, educated, trusting and fun in our search for our new home! Thank you for giving us the best service possible. We look forward to having you over this summer for backyard cocktails!

Tom Broen

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Adam helped me sell a rental property that sold in one day well above asking. He knew the area very well and handled the listing, including staging, that resulted in a total win-win for me. Highly recommend.

Steven Hilliard

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Adam is one of the smartest, most capable and competent real estate agents out there. His knowledge of the market is second to none and he is a real pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Aubrey Underdown

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Being a tenant in a house on the market is not an easy process, but Adam was incredibly respectful, communicative and made it as painless as possible! When I'm ready to buy, I know who I am calling! Thanks Adam

Nick Simhoni

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Adam was amazing, responsive and most of all kind. Adam cares about the outcome. Not just an agent, a real person.

Joshua Slee

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Great real estate agent! Provided a lot of insight and help to a new buyer and provided a good education on things to look out for in old Hamilton houses. Would highly recommend Adam to any one!

Greg Cocks

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Thanks for the opportunity to work with you and your clients. Adam is a constant professional with a wealth of knowledge. You can always get timely and accurate responses. Pleasure to work with you and highly recommend! Thanks again.

Tanner T

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Knowledgeable, professional and personable. Highly recommend Adam to represent you in the sale and/or purchase of your home!

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