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Quick Home Value Improvement

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Who doesn’t want to add more value to their beloved spaces called home? We all want it to look refreshing to our sight, which would energize us to be productive with our day. Here are some of the home value improvements that would pep up our precious nest that can be done immediately.


Installing a backsplash in our kitchen increases the value of our home and you can add an expansion to a room while keeping the color scheme you already have. If you want to add some "pop" to a space, a brightly colored or creatively patterned backsplash will do exactly that. Backsplashes not only add style to a kitchen or bathroom, but they also serve a practical purpose. The primary function of backsplashes is to shield walls from food spills and splatters from sinks when washing hands or dishes. There will inevitably be occasional splashes of food or dirt, and a backsplash protects your walls from these.


A front entry is a fantastic spot to go all out with decorative elements. Select a few eye-catching items, such as trendy outdoor lighting, a darkly stained wooden front door, or brightly colored step tiles. You don't need much to obtain a polished look with these front entry decorating ideas. You can also create a warm outdoor space by furnishing your front entry with weather-resistant patio furniture. A bistro set is a simple addition to any porch size and a great place to unwind with a cup of coffee outside. A welcoming wreath and ceiling pendant lighting complete this front porch décor.


Aside from their aesthetic value, window curtains serve a variety of purposes. They can control light, air circulation, weather and noise insulation, and privacy. They can also be used to accentuate a stunning view or to hide an unappealing one.

The length of 84" curtains is common, using longer curtains up to 96" can allow you to go higher and wider. The curtains should reach the floor and not be too short, you can even let the curtains "puddle" on the floor which indicates they're one or two inches too long.

When we talk about hanging the curtain rods, it's preferable to suspend the curtain rod two to six inches from the ceiling and at least a foot outside the window on both sides.


Outdoor string lights have become extremely popular as a result of their capacity to transform a modest backyard or patio into a romantic outdoor cafe. This makes them especially tempting during a socially isolating summer. There are many different kinds and designs of string lights to choose from in the market at very affordable prices that could instantly beautify your backyard.


Older homes shift and expand over time, resulting in unavoidable cracks and imperfections along our walls, particularly in tight corners. These imperfections can be eliminated by installing crown molding where the wall and ceiling meet. Crown molding around the edge of a room gives it an instant makeover that hides these cracks.

Crown moldings improve a room with their own specific structural design while obscuring your view of any wall faults. These styles make a room appear more sophisticated and welcoming to individuals who spend time there. Depending on the option you choose, you might discover a style that blends in with your existing decor to create a unified look.

Crown moldings have the added benefit of increasing the overall value of your property because of the advantages they provide. Buyers are more likely to pursue purchasing a home that is physically appealing. This increases the likelihood of a higher profit when it is sold.

So, there you have it! Our top picks for a quick home makeover will spice up your home without overspending to increase its value and make your home smashing.

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