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Updated: Jun 17, 2022

The winter holidays have passed, the decorations have been packed, and family and friends have returned home. Now that you have some peace and quiet, you might notice some issues that need to be addressed in and around your home. Your baking and holiday shopping to-do lists can no longer keep you from performing spring home maintenance. It's time to get started on preparing your home for spring.

Spring home care is essential for the health of your home, but it can be overwhelming to do everything at once. Fortunately, you don't have to complete all of your tasks in a single weekend. You can simply cross them off your list as you complete them throughout the season.


Whether you did it in the fall after all the leaves fell or not, your gutters and downspouts are probably in need of some TLC after the ice and snow buildup. Check the perimeter of the house from the ground to ensure that nothing has become loose or detached from the structure.

Check for clogs and that water is flowing out of the downspouts using the ladder and away from your foundation. During this process, you should also inspect your chimney and roof shingles for any damage. If you don't feel comfortable climbing a ladder, check with local contractors, as many will do it for you.


Before turning on your air conditioner for the season, get it inspected by a licensed professional. This is not only a smart safety precaution, but it may also help the unit last longer.

It's also a good idea to check for damage to your exterior faucets, receptacles, and lighting. If you have a gas grill that has not been used during the cold months, it should be inspected as well.

Gaps between windows, like cracks, can let water including insects in. Remove any old caulk and replace it. Check for signs of rot on any wood trim or sills and repair or replace as needed. As an added bonus, this will keep drafts at bay and your energy bills low.


Between March and June, termites swarm, so look for blistered wood or wood that seems to be water-damaged, damaged wood with a honeycomb-like interior, abandoned termite wings, mud tubes where termites nest, and termite droppings, commonly known as wood pellets. If you notice any of these warning signals, you should contact an expert right away. You may already have significant damage or you may be able to avoid a costly situation.


The exterior of your home, like the exterior of your body, requires a cleanse. Your home can be power washed to remove mold and mildew and give it a new look. You may generally power wash your pathways and driveway as well, but use caution when doing so. The force has the potential to cause property damage as well as bodily harm. When in doubt, consult a professional for assistance!

It may appear as if there is always something to do around the house as a homeowner. Create a to-do list and spread it out across a few weekends to make it easier to complete. Particularly for any homeowner considering relocating in the near months.

Keep in mind that most active home buyers want a home that is ready to move in and not one that requires a lot of upkeep.

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